Best way to enhance grade

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Greece- An ultimate vacation stop

If you are looking for a vacation tour and have ruled out Greece, you are missing out on a lot. Greece is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe. Filled with ancient history and a growing modern population, there will be more than one destination that is bound to leave your mouth hanging. In addition, excellent European wine tours Greece are provided by many tourist companies.


1- Mystras

Once a capital of the Peloponnesus, Mystras are a major tourist attraction today. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the place was a blooming medieval town, until it was abandoned in 1832. Today, tourists are the only live presence in this ghost town and its medieval glory.

2- Samaria Gorge

You can’t visit Crete of Greece without walking the Samaria gorge. Millions of tourists do so every year. The walk takes you through the natural heritage of Greece from forests through cliffs to mountains. The journey by foot takes 4 to 7 hours, but the experience is worth it.

3- Myrtos Beach

Famous for its fabulous colors, the water on Myrtos Beach is an international attraction. The beach boasts deep white against the deep blue of the sea. A beautiful backdrop is provided by the mountains and cliffs of the area.

4- Delphi Theatre

With the capacity to accommodate nearly 5000 spectators, the Delphi theatre was a venue of great importance to the ancient Greek. Whether it was for religious purposes or an event Delphi was an appropriate stage. Even today, you can watch the spectacular view of the landscape by seating yourself at an end where anciently someone else must have sat.

5- The Parthenon

If you have looked up Greece, you wouldn’t have missed Parthenon situated on top of Acropolis. This historical site was set up in 447 BC. The Parthenon has been everything from a temple to a fortress as well as a church through its long-standing history.

No matter what tourist package you choose, whether its a regular week-long tour or a European wine tours Greece, make sure you have a schedule for visiting all of the above must-see destinations.