A List Of The Best Batman Toys 2018

There is a lot of things you can do when your kid is a die-hard-fan of Batman. For one, he is still considered a superhero and even if he does not have any types of superpowers. Secondly, his tale is somehow rooted in a mere darkness and his current run still continues. But, what really makes the tale so great is that it means that get to play with a really cool Batman toy.

Also, the Batman merchandise is not anything new and there already have been several action figures and more based on the theme of the Dark Knight. Well, he was even called the Dark Knight. Marvel action figure is always available on almost every list of hot toys in various outlets.

Batman: Arkham Knight Action Figure

Well, this is one of the newest Batman action figures right from the Arkham Knight video game, this took the player all across the world by the storm this year. The figure stands confidently and is highly detailed and intricately sculpted. Talking about the character design from the game are very unique, and once bought you can instantly tell that this is the best action figure all around that has taken directly from the game itself.

The Dark Knight’s Bat-Pod Vehicle

Well, the tumbler is pretty cool and all, but what when it turns out into the BAT pod? Yes, that is the best for those looking for the best batman toy.  The Bat pot includes a figure of Batman and makes it one of the great additions to your action figure collection or lineup of the action vehicle toys.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Toy:

The Armored Batman figure really does the justice while standing confidently. This toy is a Japanese-inspired as well as the action-oriented aesthetic. It also comes with an action figure display along with several interchangeable hands as well as accessories. However, what makes these toys the best is their level of detailing that allows you to move the Batman and make him pose just the way you want it to be.

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