Do You Think Bitcoin Is Safe As Gold?

Bitcoin and Gold are used synonymously as the safe havens & currencies. What’s safe haven? It’s one place you park wealth and money when there’s the high uncertainty in environment. This needs to be something everybody will believe in even though current institutions, players or governments in this business game aren’t available. Wealth needs to be maintained safe whenever you face any trouble. What’re risks to somebody’s wealth? There’s theft by the robbery if it’s the physical asset. There’s damage by flood, fire, and other elements. There’s a legal issue of not determining if asset is yours or not. There’s an access risk that you might own asset but cannot get the hands on it.

No Liability

One important aspect for gold and bitcoin is in creating them, there’s not any kind of liability involved. The national currencies can be issued with the interest attached that means there’s the liability to issuer of this currency. With BTC price, there need to be some consensus among players for such thing to happen.

Bitcoin Issues

Do you think there are any regulatory, systemic or institutional risks with BTC? Answer is yes. There are technology matters like who controls internet, electrical energy involved for mining Bitcoins and other issues in the infrastructure. The regulatory risks will run this gamut from limiting who buys BTC, and how many will be able to trade every day or issuing many units of the fiat currency or buying and selling BTC with them that will cause convulsions in prices of this unit, and leading to the mistrust or lack of use?

honey bee earrings

Guide to Choose Best Earrings for You

For many ladies, one of the most challenging parts of any morning is to select perfect looking jewelry to match their outfit. They somehow manage to choose their dress and footwear, but when it comes to earrings, they find it hard. The art of selecting earrings that will go with your outfit requires a little more expertise and patience. Juggling between hoops, honey bee earrings, teardrop-shaped earrings can be annoying, but you can consider the following guidelines and sort it:

  • Take the event into consideration.

Yes, taking the event into consideration will sort many things. It will give you an idea about whether you can put traditional-looking earrings or something on a formal side will go. Where you are heading will have a major impact on selecting the right earrings for the occasion. For example, if you are heading to a formal meeting, your earrings should be elegant looking and understated. On the other hand, you can put small hoops or drop-shaped earrings when you want to look a little glamorous.

  • honey bee earringsMatch with your outfit.

No matter what the event is, your earrings are enough to make or break your looks. Wearing clashing colors like black colored earrings with a brown colored outfit can make you look a bit distorted. But there is a way that can help you in keeping away such a situation. All you have to do it stand in front of the mirror once you wear your outfit and then match the possible options that you have with your dress.

  • Wear those earrings that enhances your face.

It is true that different shapes and colors of earrings can dramatically alter the overall appearance of your face. It is suggested that you should wear earrings according to the structure of your face so that they can enhance the look and beauty of your face.

Well, that’s all about choosing the right earrings for you. It will help if you have some basic designs of earrings such as honey bee earrings, small hoops; teardrop earrings in your jewelry box so that you can wear them on any outfit and manage to look beautiful.


Is raw frozen food is good for the dogs?

Frozen food is becoming famous in the world of pet food. But the question arises whether they can eat frozen food or not. Some dog owners choose raw foods for their pets which may include chicken, meat or beef. But these days’ people prefer frozen food for their pets as they consist of large nutrition and combination diets. As the balanced diet is important for humans these are also important for your pets to grow and keep healthy. The raw food supports dogs in their healthy skin, teeth cleaning, high energy level, reduction of stools and shinier coats. Peoples in Singapore prefer raw frozen dog food Singapore. They have the facility to purchase online through link You can found online dog food recipe and their meal suggestions. A typical raw dog food includes muscle meat, bones, raw eggs, some fruits, dairy products like yogurt etc. some of the dog owners want to feed their dogs vegetarian meals. So in vegetarian frozen food vegetable mixtures are available in the market. Dogs are carnivorous so they need a meal of raw meat and natural foods that make ready by minimal processing. On giving frozen food to your dog’s there are some risks alsothat include fear from bacteria in raw meat. The health of a dog may get affected by unbalanced meals that damage health. Whole bones in a meal can choke an animal or break teeth. Pets can eat frozen foods and they usually like them.

drug testing Chicago

Levels of drug testing chicago

It is accredited with the services of drug testing with the involvement of multiple ways. It is completely affordable and the employees of the company always keep it confidential. The drug testing chicagohas its testing locations that do not accept any payment and demand for an order of drug test with a form requires at the time of testing. They not only perform the task of frug testing but also the activity of testing the alcohol intake in any person.

It provides its services not only in chicago but nationwide, as you just need to give a call to get your scheduled timing. the employees and individuals both often have situations when they find a need for a drug test.

Services involved in the drug testing

They provide you with an immediate service once you call them for their assistance as you call them today and you are done with your drug testing process. They offer the services to the individuals who need drug testing probation, the self- testing of any person, drug testing for teenagers and even a drug test offered from a court. with the help of these people, you can easily get rid of your drug addiction which individuals think is an impossible task, once they get into the habit of doing it. It is a drug-free workplace and comes with a complete DOT drug testing service. It works efficiently as you just need to order your test, go to the lab and you get your results very fast.

drug testing Chicago

Selection of the employees for drug testing

If you wish to work under the drug testing Chicago, there are certain rules or layouts you need to keep in mind as the employees will be asked to provide beath, hair, blood specimens or urine for the drug use whenever. They undergo a physical examination followed by a random test for which they are selected. They are readily involved in a reportable accident and need to be tested positively.

Test Procedures

The drug testing needs to collect all the specimens under the circumstances designed. the specimens are sealed and properly labeled in the presence of an employee and later are sent to a licensed testing laboratory. They keep their detailed records to prevent the possible misidentification of the samples to preserve and to keep their integrity safely.

Hence, if you are someone undergoing the problem, you should go for a drug test.


Good Advice on How to Trade Bitcoin

At the point when you first endeavor into exchanging and the money related markets, you for the most part have an obscure thought regarding how to exchange Bitcoin. However, this isn’t a drawback. If you are not kidding about turning into a btc dealer you can get familiar with the little-known techniques in the blink of an eye. This kind of exchanging is genuinely simple and uncomplicated and can be learned in a matter of moments.

Here are a few hints that may assist you with trading in Bitcoin:

  1. Prior to causing your first exchange, to be it with Forex, products, or stock lists, guarantee that you have comprehended everything about the market, exchanging standards, and any components that may affect the benefits.
  1. Something else you should do before beginning is to appropriately survey and assess the market. There is different approach to assess the market but the most mainstream path is to in fact break down the fall and ascent of the market cost. Central examination is the other mainstream technique for assessment. In this strategy you are required to think about monetary and other truthful information notwithstanding the market interest perspectives that are assessed under specialized examination.
  1. To have the option to lead your exchanges appropriately you should time your exchanges precisely. Frequently brokers anticipate the fall or ascent of cost flawlessly but miss out on their benefits simply because they didn’t time their exchange accurately. Time is a fundamental component here as there is a specified timeframe after which the Bitcoin terminate. Along these lines, it is imperative to focus on schedule while exchanging.
Gift Card

Gifting Smiles withVanilla Cards

Buying the perfect gift for loved ones is always a task. They’re so special in your life that you want to gift them something that connects. Selecting the right thing to buy is a lengthy process. And many times we often end up buying conventional gifts like wallets, photo frames, accessories etc. Vanilla Visa Prepaid Card helps you go beyond conventional, and gift endless possibilities and freedom of choice. Vanilla Gift offers a range of pre-paid gift cards that ease your gift-finding efforts. So no matter what the occasion is, a Vanilla Visa Prepaid Card is truly the best gift for someone you love.

The prepaid gift of choice

The feeling of gifting your loved ones goes beyond boundaries. This is why Vanilla Gift Cards come with nation-wide validity. The Vanilla Visa Gift card can be used throughout the United States in all places where Visa, MasterCard and Discover are operational. This means that each Vanilla Visa Card can be availed within the fifty United States and the District of Columbia (as applicable) giving you the freedom to gift almost anywhere across the USA.

The complete range of Vanilla Visa Gift Cards can either be purchased online with a click of a button or through our network of partner retailers. Vanilla Card is the perfect gift choice that is easy to buy and easy to send. Each Vanilla Visa Card can be bought in a denomination ranging from $20-$500

With a nation-wide retailer chain, Vanilla Cards can be redeemed both offline and online across the United States, letting you choose your shopping comfort. So no matter what you buy and where you buy, Vanilla Cards are always there for you. This means that your beloved ones can dive into a world of endless possibilities with their Vanilla Gift Cards.

Gift Card

Selecting the right thing to buy is a lengthy process. From visiting retailers to choosing the perfect model, there’s a lot of thought that goes into shopping. Therefore every Vanilla Gift card comes with no-expiry validity. This means that you can give away Vanilla Gift Cards without worrying about an expiry date so that your loved ones can shop anytime they like. With Vanilla Gift Cards, freedom is guaranteed.

So whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation or simply planning to gift your loved ones, the Vanilla Visa Gift Card is a perfect choice. With Vanilla Gift Cards you can be assured of a gift, they’ll surely love. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your vanilla visa prepaid card online, or from a Vanilla partner retailer across the United States and the District of Columbia. Go gift some love with Vanilla Visa Prepaid Gift Cards today.