My Top Six Pickup Trucks for Model Year 2010 – All Under $25,000 MSRP!

Even though the economy is still down quite a bit, consumers still need to get to work somehow, and many times they are doing that in a truck. The Pickup Truck sector is one automotive area which has been steadily gaining in popularity over the years.

Today it is not that unusual to see a wide cross section of the American population driving a pickup truck. This trend is a very strong one and it does not show any signs of weakening anytime soon. With a myriad of trucks sizes, styles, and prices to choose from it is easy to see why so many customers are choosing pickup trucks over cars and SUV’s.

My Top Six Pickup Trucks for the Model Year 2010 All for Under $25,000 MSRP
In my never ending search for the perfect vehicle I am really interested in the latest crop of pickups which are available from a wide array of motor vehicle manufacturing companies. Here I will present my list of the top six most affordable 2010 pickup trucks, and all are less than $25,000 to own. Many of these affordable trucks are significantly less than that!

The first thing any consumer needs to know about modern pickup trucks is that they are much more civilized than their ancestors from just 25 or 30 years ago. Gone are the days of a stripped down tin can that shakes rattles and rolls down the highway. These new versions are smooth riding and very comfortable, with some even being downright luxurious!

First and Second Choices are Dodge Ram and Dakota
My First and Second choice of the best pickup trucks for model year 2010 would be a full size pickup with the extended cab, and its smaller brother which is a mid-sized pickup with extended cab as well. I am exceptionally fond of the Dodge Ram since our family has owned these particular model pickup trucks and their cousin the Power Wagon for a great many years now.

The Dodge Ram is a very robust vehicle with room enough in the cab for six people! The smaller Dakota can seat 4 comfortably. The standard engine in both models is the venerable 3.7 Liter V-6 which develops 215 horsepower! Interestingly the Ram puts out only 5 hp more than the Dodge Dakota from the same size engine. The Ram would cost about $24,665 and the Dakota will set you back about $22,755 MSRP.

Oddly the front leg room in the Dakota Extended Cab Pickup is 0.9″ greater than the front leg room in the Dodge Ram Extended Cab Pickup. ekspedisi Wahana Semarang

Third and Fourth choices are the Ford F-150 and Ford Ranger
My next set of pickup trucks would be the Ford F-150 and the little brother called the Ranger. The F-150 is a durable truck which drives like a giant brick on wheels, but it can haul a decent sized payload without straining too very much. The standard engine in the “crew Cab” model is a V-8, which is a 4.6 Liter engine that cranks out 248 horsepower. This F-150 gets 15 mpg on the city streets and 15 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway.
You can expect to pay right around $25K for the F-150 with Crew Cab.

The little brother of the F-150 is the Ford Ranger, and this nice little truck would be a great buy for anyone who loves a good deal in a small package. The standard engine in the Ford Ranger has always been the In-Line four Cylinder. This 2.3 Liter engine makes 143 hp, and gets 22 mpg city driving and 27 on the highway! Not bad numbers for a strong little truck. These 2010 Ranger pickups are going for around $19,515 MSRP.

According to Wikipedia, the F-150 is still the best selling vehicle in the United States for the past 24 years, and best selling truck for the past 34 years.

My fifth and sixth selections are the Chevy Silverado and the Chevy Colorado
And last but not least are the two Pickup truck offerings from General Motors that I like. First one is their full size pickup truck called the Silverado. This truck with the extended cab in the “work truck” trim package goes for around $25,395 MSRP, and have been selling here in Northeast Ohio for as low as $22,500 with all the bells you need in a Basic work vehicle. The entry level models all come with a simple 4.3 Liter V-6 engine that gives up 195 hp. The fuel mileage is not too bad for a truck at 15 in the city and 20 on the highway. There is one distinctive feature which I liked a lot and that is the rear doors open to almost flat with the side of the truck. this allows much easier access into the rear seating and cargo area of the truck.

The Chevrolet Colorado comes with optional extended cab and the “work truck” trim as well. This model comes standard with the 2.9 Liter in-line four cylinder engine that generates 185 hp. the mileage for this pickup truck is 18 in the city and 25 on the highway so if you need a small pickup that offers great fuel economy then this may just be the best model for you! The MSRP on this extended cab “work truck” model of the Colorado will set you back about $19,230.

My Top Six Pickup Trucks for the Model Year 2010 All for Under $25,000 MSRP
If you are in the market for an SUV or a Crossover vehicle, take a minute to look at some of these new Pickups and you may be pleasantly surprised! I am not saying that buying a Honda, Nissan, or any of the other trucks in these two classes, but it really only makes good sense in this tight economy to try and buy American wherever you can, and our everyday automotive purchases can make a big difference in creating the turn around that our economy so desperately needs!

Vehicle Specifications and pricing were gleaned from local car dealerships and newspaper advertisements.

Ford F-150 historical sales data came from:

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