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Windshield Repair for Safety on the Road

Extreme weather conditions greatly affect visibility when driving. But so does your windshield. Cracks and chips can reduce your capacity to see perfectly, a very real danger to you and your passengers.

Windshields are specifically designed as structural support for the vehicle. It is also to protect the driver and passengers from severe weather, debris, dust, and wind while providing for clear vision. Repair or replacement is in order when less protection is delivered by a damaged windshield or reduced visibility occurs with a cracked or chipped one.

Cracks and Chips

The two minor forms of windshield damage are:

  • A Chip is a form of damage that marks the point of impact made by the source. There are different types to it namely:
  • Star Break – short cracks radiating outward from the impact point.
  • Bulls-eye – circular damage caused by a rounded object
  • Crack Chip – single small crack roughly the size of a quarter
  • Pit – where there are tiny pieces of glass missing
  • Cracks, on the other hand, produce a well-defined line in the glass. Lengths vary and commonly run horizontally in a straight or wavy pattern

windshield repair denton

Repair vs. Replacement


Most chips and cracks are usually repairable. A thorough evaluation and assessment of a qualified auto glass repair technician is crucial. This is to determine whether your windshield is still good enough to repair. Factors taken into consideration include:

  • Size – Chips about the size of a quarter and cracks less than three (3) inches long are easily repaired. Present technology allows automotive repair shops to repair wider chips and longer cracks.
  • Depth – a tear that cuts the outer and inner layers of the glass is deemed too deep for repair.
  • Location – the structural strength of the windshield is compromised if the damage reaches the outer edge of the glass. Replacing it is advised
  • the driver’s line of vision is always a priority
  • the latest vehicle models come with different sensors and automated driver assistance systems. These can easily malfunction when mere repairs to the glass are done


As a general rule, replacement is the better option if:

  • the glass is tempered and not laminated
  • the crack is at least 12 (twelve) inches in length and/or many and radiating
  • the chip is two (2) inches across or bigger
  • the crack or chip dips halfway into the glass or even deeper or is inside of the windshield
  • the crack or chip involves the outer edge of the glass or the driver’s line of vision

Safe driving is of utmost importance to avoid the risk of an accident.

A short trip to your trusted windshield repair denton could make a big difference in road safety.