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Get Your Foundations Checked And Repaired At Wichita Ks

Over the years, you’ve undergone numerous adulting experiences. You may have acquired a car, gotten married, purchased a home, had children, swapped your automobile for a minivan, experienced a global pandemic, or even become an adult at this point. However, have you ever had to have a foundation repair wichita ks? Most likely not.


The majority of individuals have limited knowledge of how the repair process unfolds and looks.

Let’s discuss how things broke and came to need repairs before we even reach the repair stage. The background details everything from the local soil and climate to some suggestions for prevention.

In a brief, expansive soils change in size as a function of moisture content. When the soil is moist, the molecules expand; when it is dry, they contract. The molecules are tightly packed and push out all way around, but rather because they cannot break out so well on the sides due to the tight packing, they force up instead (in which there is much less resistance) and much more forcefully on the foundation of your home during rainy seasons. When it dries, they shrink to smaller particle sizes, allowing the foundation to reappear. Over the years, keep repeating the pushing and falling effect. Our soil resembles manic sadness because of how strong our wet and dry seasons are prone to be. Sometimes it’s just a matter of feeling lousy and sadly sinking. It’s enough to cause a small amount of foundation cracking in our region. The expanding soils here would not expand if they were always dry. The vast soils would continue to be expansive if it rained continuously here.

What is foundation repair?

After discussing the causes of your foundation’s degradation, we may discuss how to fix it. What exactly does “foundation repair” mean? A planned repair, to put it simply, is putting supports under the house, lifting the foundation to its original location, and anchoring it there. In other words, stabilising and raising the foundation.

What’s normally done?

The foundation repair procedure entails the creation of a plan, the installation of supports, and the lifting and/or stabilising of the home. The supports are often located across a section of the home’s perimeter. Depending on the approach, support points are typically 7 feet apart and run around the outside of the house, raising children at home The foundation repair specialist will then raise the sunken areas of the house and check to see if the foundation has been restored its previous elevation after putting the reinforcements in the ground. In the pushed pile method, the house is raised by the pressure of the ground’s pile pressing up against it. The house is elevated using a jack, kept in place by such a tension that feels like a spring, and shimmied to ensure the right elevation. On top of the pier, hydraulic jacks are positioned, and the house is raised into the desired location using the jacks. The home is then secured in its higher position by hammering in shims. In a few situations, the house is only supported in its current location rather than lifted back to its previous position. Stabilizing a house will not put it back in place, but it can stop future movement, sinking, and damage.

So keep a lookout for any signs of damage and get it solved right away!