assortment planning analytics

Lynx Analytics – the whole graph analytics engine

 The best information analytics package ought to keep the company with a collection of algorithms and applications that amplify its capabilities.

With over one hundred twenty native algorithms and gorgeous visualizations, Lynx Analytics effortlessly reveals hidden network properties and detects unknown clusters in otherwise dormant information. You will also find assortment planning analytics.

What exactly is Graph Analytics?

Find out however trendy graph theory will be wont to establish the pattern of communities, behaviors, and preferences across billions of nodes. Solve business issues like demographic estimation, product recommendations, fiber network improvement, fraud detection, and a lot of.

A graph analytics engine designed on high of Apache Spark. Watch the fast demo to know the powerful functionalities. And the way it will profit your business.

Toolbox for the machine learning

Model information simply in graph structures and run graph-based algorithms to find communities and explore relationships between connected entities.

Describe advanced computations visually

Describe advanced computation flows visually by making workflows for information analysts to form economical workflows for ETL, Machine Learning, and visual image.

Better client expertise with AI and prognosticative analytics

Helping CSPs leverage technologies like AI and prognosticative analytics to enhance churn rate, ARPU, NPS, and client lifespan price. They inherit deep telecommunication domain experience from its strategic capitalist, metropolis telecommunications. From sensible producing to sensible retail to sensible cities, the mix of AI & 5G can remodel the approach. Establishing the analytics foundations for the new world of digital banking increasing client acquisition. And retention across each online and offline channel with internal and external information.