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Understanding The Real Definition Of Intelligent Parcel Locker

A literally intelligent parcel blocker is a secure, efficient and effective smart locker that is used to send certain items to users during their free time, which is usually required for delivery, transfer or storage. Therefore, it differs from the traditional definition of solving express delivery problems. The secret closet was not developed for urgent shipments, but because people pay special attention to the quality of life and the protection of personal privacy. The future value of blocking a plot depends on what the users want.

It Provides:

1) Daily distribution of the diet, such as fresh and quick food, milk, etc.

2) The distribution of everyday life, for example, dry cleaning, take-away, etc.

3) Distribution of daily supplies, such as live supplies, family planning supplies, etc.

4) Security monitoring functions.

5) Daily distribution of online purchases, such as urgent collection, recycling.

6) Payment of daily life, such as payment by credit card, payment by bus card

7) Repair and inspection, management;

8) the exchange of goods, social benefits, rental tools (daily repair tools);

9) the placement of advertisements and information, such as advertisements, print ads, ads on the LCD screen, etc .;

10) Self-service, late purchases, etc.

The use of a parcel locker singapore as an e-commerce product or an express delivery tool is a relatively restricted definition. An intelligent block block cabinet is itself a tool, and the effect of a tool depends on the use, volume and method.

Three indicators of intelligent blocking of packages

1) Site selection: there are certain standards for the parcel concentration zone. It has specific requirements for the entire urgent delivery area, including the number of homes, the construction area, the number of residential communities and the proportion of packages and households. For a high quality production area, it often takes 30,000 homes as a unit; all buildings must be high-rise buildings (layer 7 or higher of an elevator), mostly medium-sized, the total number of the community is not more than 50, and the proportion of parts and homes must be more than 12 % (120 pieces / day / thousands. Households).

2) Degree of equipment coverage: theparcel locker singapore intensity determines the effect. There are certain requirements for the density of parcel machines. With 50% coverage, some small and medium courier companies are willing to pay, the value of regional channels and advertising begins to stand out. If the density of parcel machines is low, the overall efficiency of fast transport companies will not clearly improve, and courier companies are not willing to pay the price. With a greater degree of coverage, the delivery efficiency of courier companies begins to increase several times, from 80 pieces per day per courier to 200 pieces per day. And it is not difficult to build a self-help load.

3) The key is the use of equipment: any area is mixed with all kinds of old and small communities. The daily express of such communities is approximately 20 pieces per day (except some special ones). The introduction of packaging machines in this area does not have an obvious advertising effect, while at the same time the cost and the utilization rate are small. The general effect and the value are also small. Therefore, the best coverage rate for the entire territory is usually 80%. Efficiency can not be improved if it is too low and the recycling cycle is too long if it is too high.