Using Project Gantt Charts – Things To Know

Do you have to manage big projects, and having difficulty to handle the schedules? Are you looking for the right method to keep your eye on progress of the project’s tasks? Using Gantt chart software can be your answer to suit all your needs. By its form of the bar chart that normally provides the bird’s view of the project’s timeline. The Gantt charts have actually contributed to success of the great number of the project managers who use this for their projects.

How It All Started?

Use of Gantt commenced in early 20th century. This was named after an American engineer H.L. Gantt, who put Gantt chart for the shipbuilding tasks during 1910s. Later on, due to the effectiveness, many project managers employed Gantt’s method, and used in many different career fields that include, not limited to the enterprise projects & IT projects. Because of Gantt, managers now have the improved picture of their projects.

What it entails?

The straightforward charts comprises of the horizontal plane that represents measures of the time; and vertical plane that serves as an inventory of activities that can take place. The bar is placed on horizontal plane, which is adjacent to the specific task all along its vertical list. Length or location of this bar might correspond to slated start date & termination date, or timeframe of an activity for the project.


The typical Gantt can present chronological order of activities required for completion of the project. For instance, in recording the band, drums need to be recorded first before other tracks. In such case, activity “drum tracking” will be first on a list of tasks, which is followed by, “bass guitar recording”. Progress or timeframe bar for the “drum recording” will be finished in place that “bass guitar tracking” begins. It means that recording with bass guitar track will not start till you have completed recording your drums.

Also, more complex task will illustrate many requisites of duties that are involved. The illustration of that is time two tasks might just commence right after the specific task is done, and when two responsibilities must be concluded so other task will start. Sophisticated Gantt charts may show the material resource and allocation details. With an introduction of the computer software, Gantt chart grew to become fast available to everyone. The Microsoft project is one great example of the computer app that uses this and included in Microsoft Project’s GUI that makes it fast to create as well as deal.