YouTube Traffic: How to get it?

YouTube Traffic: How to get it?

1 – Select your thumbnail carefully

To have a successful video, you need to include thumbnails for each video. It is the first thing people see when searching for your videos, so it should have a “click-worthy” value.

2 – Identify your video’s title and description

Titles are important for capturing viewers’ attention, but they can also improve your youtube流量 and drive more traffic to your channel.

3 – Customize your background image

You can also create your background image, helping you to stand out from the crowd. youtube流量 offers a variety of themes and color options. Your background image can also draw viewers to your channel.

4 – Be sure to feature your best video

When you post regularly on YouTube, it is ideal for the main window “Featured” to show the most recent video, but when you post less, you may want to choose another video for this position.


5 – Add tags to your channels

You can find this under the settings option on the My Channel menu. This is as simple as tagging your videos with keywords.

6 – Observe comments carefully

Get involved with your audience. Engage with them by reading their comments on your channel and the ones they post on your videos. Don’t forget to clean up when needed. Remove spam comments or report them; otherwise, your channel will appear neglected.

7 – There are many benefits to recent activity

It will show in both your “Recent Activity” box and the “Recent Activity” box of the creator of the video what you’ve been up to on YouTube lately. Your page may attract viewers through this simple way of making YouTube contacts. Your content is more likely visited by video owners who have liked or favored it.