Can you find a surrogate without an agency?

The most important decision that one will make when going for surrogacy, is to find the right surrogate mother. Whether you go through an agency or not is completely your choice. It is not impossible to find a surrogate without an agency but you have to be prepared, as the entire process can be tiresome.

If intended parents choose to work with someone they already know, like a friend or relative, then the process can be less time consuming and for it to go smoothly you may not need an agency. Otherwise, initial screening, background check, medical history and all other processes of a surrogacy will only add on to an already tedious process.

So whether you’re contemplating surrogacy with or without us, consider the points below before you make up your mind.

Medical screening and the background check

If you already know the surrogate to be your relative or friend, then you may wish to skip the background check altogether. But make sure you don’t skip the medical examination as it may directly or indirectly affect the baby. Even if you find an individual surrogate, the risk of fraud or misrepresentation is higher. Whereas, with us, you get a filtered database to choose from. You can concentrate on the most important aspect of surrogacy and leave the rest to us.

Coordination and communication

Communication between the intended parents and the surrogate is extremely important throughout the entire process. Coordinating regarding the monthly appointments, whether the parents will get to be an integral part of the journey, etc, will no more be an individual decision and will be well monitored and organized avoiding all miscommunications.

Medical and legal advice

At every step of surrogacy, the surrogate and the intended parents may need medical as well as legal advice. This may happen even in the case where the surrogate is a friend or a relative. You have to disclose a lot of your personal information for this process which may be misused by individuals. In such a case, legal guidance by the one helping you through the process will be most beneficial.

Counseling and support

It is not hard to understand how difficult the process of surrogacy can be and that is why constant counseling and support is important. Whether it is for a surrogate of the intended parents, we will always be there as a constant.

Lower cost?

You may argue that the cost of going with an agency is higher than doing it individually. But you also need to consider the risks involved and the services that we will offer to make sure you have the best experience during the most important chapter of your life. You do not want to invest your time and money in a match that may end up failing.

So whether you go with an individual or an agency, be prepared to face the challenges and do your own research, as to what suits best for you and your family, before you make a decision.

In Vitro Fertilization Own Eggs vs Donor Eggs

If you are considering In Vitro Fertilization or IVF options and costs, one thing also that you have to consider is if you are going to use your own eggs, or use a donor egg. When making your decision, remember that the birth rates are affected by the choice that you will make about which eggs are you going to use for the procedure.

            Age will also be a factor in this choice. When you are younger, chances are, you will conceive easily through In Vitro Fertilization. But if you are over 35 years old, your chances of conceiving will also go down. It is best that you ask an advice from your specialist about the IVF options and costs, before you make this very important decision that can affect the success rate of the procedure.

Own Eggs or Donor Eggs? Which is More Effective?

As mentioned above, the birth rates will always be affected by the eggs that are going to be used for In Vitro Fertilization. You can choose to use your own eggs, or you can opt for the donor eggs. A simple tip here! Women who are over 40 years old opt to use donor eggs than their own eggs. According to research studies, using donor eggs will improve your chances of conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby.

The Success Rates

            For a woman who chooses to use her own eggs, the chances of achieving success with IVF is 40% when she is in her late 20’s, it goes down to 30% when she is about 38 years old, and to 10% when she is 43 years old and above. For those who are using donor eggs, the success rate is similar, which is about 55%,  regardless of the age. This is is because, the donor eggs are from healthy, younger donor which are more effective in this procedure.

Promote language development in your child

Children are born with the ability of social interaction rules and sensing languages in the environment. Before using that, they use few words; they cry and show some gesture in order to express the meaning. They often understand about the meanings of some other words too. the language development in children includes some skills to understand, speak to, and listen to others. the child later develop the skills to understand written languages, and by doing so they start read it and write it. in order to develop their skills in that, parents have huge role, because they need to help them to learn easily and understand some words, because children alone cannot find the answer, so this is the need of helping their children on offering help.

Most often, children learn some rules of language through some use and over time. the rate of children on developing their skills on language has affected by large number of factors. The children can focus more on developing new creative or physical skills in that. There is a possibility of showing interest on learning second language at home; this can noticed among some children. In that concern, it is the responsibility of parents to teach them. the way that other people responds to your children can also affects rates of languages development. Parents can able to nurture the healthy language development by offering opportunities for the children in order to practice new skills during important childhood years. Most of the people do not aware on teaching language for their children; this can do only by their parents. This is the major responsibility for every parent. If you are concerned on language developing of your children, you can better seek advice from specialist in that situation. They can determine if they need any professional intervention.