Moviepass journey in brief 

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The trial subscriptions for the movie pass application was available for more than twenty thousand users. Yet, MoviePass didn’t figure out all the elements with the main film theatre strings launching moment. For this purpose, film halls opposed Moviepass using people, affecting substantial discomfort straight away. Moviepass journey started in 2011 and it got shut down in 2019 and the Ted Farnsworth CEO of MoviePass had to quit in the same year following the closing of the unit.

ted farnsworth moviepass

Journey years

  • In 2012,a new edition of services came into launch. But it was rejected by many big American movie theatre systems. This situation continued for two years, not more than that.
  • In 2014 there was a decrease in the customers to them and they called the Moviepass people to open their theatre here and they welcomed the moviepass subscription people as moviepass new show viewing people.
  • The moviepass industry shown an exponential development in 4 months. In the year 2017, the Moviepass changed its plan in its registering amount.
  • Yet, MoviePass fell behind the American movie theatre systems similarly like before. According to the line, the recent rate was unbearable. Along with the changing of amount for the movie pass, again that stream started failing, the services which were provided by them transformed very often.
  • Before they used to offer to watch one movie in a month and it was later after sometime followed by 3 movies in a month and due to this reduction, its industry failed and customers left and they were not interested due to its high charges and fewer chances. The customers left the subscription plan and no one was ready to newly, register to that site again and finally , they facedlosses.
  • In 2017 Helios &Math reported high losses almost nearly some millions dollars.
  • In 2018 Moviepass has attempted to turn and change it’s model of career in the direction for producing the content. This step has again made them to fall in great loss and their experiment again got failed. Meanwhile many others companies came into the market and gave tough competition and even their subscribers increased gradually and all this processes affected Moviepass.
  • Later in 2019 the moviepass functional subscribers and users are only around two lakh to three lakh, this is very small number compared to earlier three million.

Later gradually more numbers decreased to avail services from Moviepass and the Moviepass  started having losses and could not bear more losses  and they had to close the Moviepass completely.

Author: Florence