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China’s Economy Starts to Grow

China provided a great service to its consumers on June 21, 2010, allowing its currency to strengthen against the dollar for the first time in two years. Also admitting the recent wave of strikes, which pushed for a significant wage increase, the Beijing government seems to be finally ready for some economic growth.

This is good news for both us and the Chinese:-

Over the past three decades, an almost unlimited supply of extremely cheap labor has led china us focus to jump from a commercial backstage to the second largest economy in the world. But each resource, including the Chinese workers who are ready to fight for suffering, has its limits, and sewing shirts can lead society only on the path of prosperity. Something had to change, and now one belt one road news.

china us focus

Chinese workers want a larger share of the wealth of their nation. They are increasingly aware that they have the negotiating power to get it. Factories in highly developed coastal regions are having problems retaining full staff, as unskilled workers are currently finding more employment opportunities near their houses in the interior of China. The annual supply of new workers is also declining, which is the inevitable result of a strict one-child family planning policy adopted by the nation in the 1970s.

In summary

Across the country, new vocal workers are beating on long hours and low wages. There is a company that manufactures a large number of computer and phone components for companies such as Apple and Dell, hit the news headlines internationally when at least a dozen of its employees committed suicide within a few months.