What Are The Equipments That You Need To Have While You Play T.T

Table tennis is an indoor sport that may be played in a large room or even in a hallway. Ping Pong was the name of the game when it was originally played in England. The Table Tennis Association was founded in England in 1922, and its inaugural global competition was held in London at the same time. The game’s popularity grew steadily after then, and it is presently played in 71 countries around the world. If you enjoy playing table tennis and want to learn more about the materials used in the game as well as the regulations of the game, then you can find thorough information here.

Important Sports goods that is needed to play table tennis

Ball: This is a round ball made of plastic metal in a white golden tint. The ball has a diameter of up to 37.2 cc and weighs between 2.40 and 2.53 grams.

Net: is fastened to the table at a height of 15.25 cm from the top floor. The net is 183 centimetres in length.

Racket: There is no set size for a racket; it can be any size. The racket’s bottom is dark in hue. By striking the ball with this racket, the ball is sent to the player.

Table: The most significant component in table tennis, the table is usually made of wood, but it can be be made of any other material. It is rectangular in shape and is 274 cm long by 152.5 cm wide. This table stands 76 cm tall from the ground.

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