swimsafer program Singapore

All about swim safer program Singapore

Swimsafer program is a water safety program that came in the year 2010 in Singapore by the national water safety council (NWSC) and collaborated with the ministry of community, youth, and sports (MCYS). However, it consists of 6 stages including 12 hours of each stage. This program is held in all over the schools of Singapore. This program came to teach proficiency in swimming and to survive in water. Therefore, in return, the children will receive a certificate after each stage.

What are the six stages of swimsaferprograms?

As we know swimsafer program Singapore is to enhance and learn water skills and to survive in water. Well, there are 6 stages to get certified in the swimsafer program.

  1. Overview of water skills
  2. Essential water skills
  3. Individual water survival and stroke growing skills
  4. Bronze level Personal Water Survival and Stroke Development Skills
  5. Silver level Personal Water Survival and Stroke Improvement Skills
  6. Advanced level Personal Water Survival and Swimming Skills Proficiency

As you know swimming is so essential in this era for children and adults. Swimming is important because it helps to grow in sport skills and become more active or fast. This helps to grow with physical activity and also helps you survive in water for a longer period.

Swimsafer program has proficient and well-trained coaches to help you to learn swimming. They also spread a word on health awareness. Moreover, it came to build up the confidence level in the kids and adults so they don’t fear in the water.