New York city cabaret

Life is a cabaret: make your own concerts

Are you an actor who sings or a singer who acts? Acting in a concert is an excellent way to show your name.

Here are some things to think about before planning your next cabaret or concert.

Why do this

Why do you want to do a concert? If you make music, as a writer, performer or composer, this is a great way to present your work to people. Also, if you recorded, this is an excellent way to sell copies of your CD. If people like your live performance, they often want to buy a record about you, to take home and experience this experience.

Manage all this

Organizing a concert really comes down to management. You must collect a budget and manage it along the way. You must gather a team of people (musicians, technicians, artists) who will help you with this. You need to find a place, agree on a contract and build relationships with them. You have to manage the process from beginning to end. But the good thing is that you control the final product. Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and then do not deviate from it.

Call in favor

In an ideal world, pay all the righteous for their time. This should be the ultimate goal for you if you intend to continue working as an actor / producer. However, the reality is that when you start, your budget is likely to limit it. So, don’t be afraid to call in favor. Ask friends, colleagues or friends of friends for help. Make it clear that you are not making a profit when you ask them to work for free, but sell them your idea and give them something interesting and creative to work with. You will be surprised how many people are willing to help.

Many artists of long shows on New York city cabaret Broadway or the West End are bored of doing the same thing eight times a week. Many people want to do something interesting in a unique concert to support their creative spark. If you know any of them, don’t be afraid to ask. Part of the production has the courage to ask.

New York city cabaret


Check if you need licenses to play other people’s music. In the United Kingdom, the place generally has a license that covers how the material is made in its theater, but it is your responsibility to ask if you need permission or license to make any material publicly. When in doubt, ask!


What expenses should you consider? Place: what is the cost of renting at your facilities? What does / does this include? Things you should know include: cashier staff, reception staff, ticket service, technicians, light and sound. You also want to clearly define when you can access the space and when you need to exit it. Get it all in writing.