Manufacturer of business drawer slides Chambrelan

The heavy-duty drawer slides and linear guide rails manufacturer off-the-peg or customized solutions that match the requirements of business customers. With its production capacities, style and development, Chambrelan could be a world industrial drawer slides and linear bearing provider.

Telescopic drawer runners and linear guide rails with strong and reliable drawer slides supported cold drawn profiles, in steel, metallic element, and stainless steel.

Designed for applications requiring serious hundreds, up to 3300 pounds (1500kg), or up to a hundred and twenty inches (3 meters) extension. So you can discover their merchandise on their website and explore more about linear rail too.

About the Chambrealan drawer slides

Drawer slides are an assembly of metal profiles slippery on ball bearings treed in ball cages. They embody stoppers in the opened and closed position, and guarantee slippery of hundreds up to 3300 pounds (1500 kg) or on extension up to ten feet (3 meters). Factory-made in steel, metallic element, or stainless-steel, they provide partial, total, or over-extensions.

About the Chambrelan slam lock handles

A slam lock handle with a central push enables to lock the drawer in several positions. It’s delivered as a collection, with rods that are sectionable to the size of the mobile device.

The slide and tilt

Drop-down drawer slides, delivered as a collection for a drawer, permits the slippery and therefore the tilting of the drawer. The content of the drawer is thus it is simply accessed.

The length of the extension and therefore the angle square measure adjustable. You will also find lots of variety to choose from. And if you need a great linear rails but, don’t know much about them. Then it will be beneficial for you if you visit the Chambrelan website today. Their website is a great platform to explore bearing, heavy-duty drawer slides, and much more.