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The main advantages of using aluminium extrusions

The most found metal on the earths crust is aluminium. Due to its inherent qualities, it finds usage in many fields. In general aluminium and its extrusions offer a number of benefits in comparison to other metals. The following are some of the advantages of aluminium extrusion.

  • They are lightweight is a very attractive feature and advantage of aluminium. It weighs about only one-third of the weight of iron, steel or copper. This makes it easier to handle, transport. Being lightweight makes the usage of aluminium in specific areas where weight reduction needs to be taken care of. For example transportation as we have already seen.
  • aluminium extrusion singapore can be made very strong as is required for the applications. It is a unique quality of this versatile metal that with a fall in temperature, the strength increases.
  • Aluminium is highly resilient which means it combines the strength with flexibility. This feature lets it to be used in automotive crash management systems. It can spring back from an impact easily.
  • Aluminium extrusions are highly resistant to corrosion. The surface of the metal is naturally protected and it doesn’t rust like iron. Processing like anodising can further increase the protection for this metal.
  • They are excellent heat conductors. Their quality is better than any other metal in this category. It is excellent to be used in processes where heat exchangers are required.
  • They are also very good conductors of electricity. It is twice as conductive as copper but way much lesser in cost.