Norman Asch

Witchcraft Belief and its impact in Community

Witchcraft belief and other supernatural power are widespread not only in Africa but also in various places around the world. However, in other places like America, it is usually used to entertain or scare children during Halloween season. In some developing countries like South Africa, witchcraft belief is a mutual phenomenon.

For most instance, they use it in various purposes in business, like productivity or success, protection and much more. Norman Asch has offered a good example where he used witchdoctor to prevent continuous truck theft. However, still in South Africa, other communities’ belief that witchcraft is the leading cause of negative or bad occurrence in the community.

Some of the effects of witchcraft in society.

  • Some people use witchcraft to bring fear among others
  • Others use it to cause calamities or accidents
  • Some even use it cause sickness to other individuals

Norman AschStudy on Witchcraft

According to the survey that was conducted in South Africa state that people who believe in witches make their lives worse compared to those who are against it. With a scale of 0-10, 10 being the best, individuals who believe in witchcraft, their lives are rated at an average of 4.3. Compared to those who never admit witchcraft, their lives are ranked higher at an average of 4.8 on the scale.

It is essential to remember that while witchcraft believes repercussion is dangerous in other parts of the world, witchcraft is still a spectacle in most of the world. For instance, in the United States, 21% of people strongly believe in witchcraft. Compared to Nation like South Africa, roughly it has gone up to 40% due to instances such as Norman Asch and his business.