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Know About The Symptoms Of Glaucoma In Detail

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition. This condition can damage the optic nerve of your eye. If not treated, it can get pretty serious and become even worse. It builds up too much pressure in your eyes that can further affect them. Glaucoma can be a hereditary disease that is caused at a very old age. In this condition, the intraocular pressure in your eyes damages the optic nerve. This eye condition can also cause vision loss permanently if the damage is worse. This is one of the main symptoms of glaucoma.

Causes of Glaucoma

 Glaucoma is caused because of the fluid present in your eye. This fluid is known as aqueous humor. This fluid comes out of the eyes through a channel that looks like a mesh. If there is too much fluid comes out of your eye or the channel is blocked, this fluid keeps on building up. However, this condition is generally hereditary and is passed down from parents to their children. It is a rare eye condition and the causes of glaucoma are:

  • It can cause an acute eye infection
  • It can block eye blood vessels.
  • It can also lead to inflammatory eye conditions.
  • It can cause chemical or blunt injury.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

 Glaucoma is not a very rare eye condition. However, if you have got it you need to immediately go for an immediate check-up. People can understand that they have glaucoma once they notice the following symptoms. It is time to visit a professional eye doctor right after you notice all these symptoms.

  • Permanent/ Temporary vision loss
  • Noticing halos everywhere there are lights
  • Eye redness
  • Vomiting or upset stomach
  • Eye pain
  • Hazy vision

Visit a doctor for glaucoma

People with this condition generally do not show any early pain or symptoms. It is very important to visit a professional eye doctor on a regular basis for treatment. Before people lose their vision permanently, it is necessary to get your eyes tested for the symptoms of glaucoma.

Whenever you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms at your age, it is time to visit an expert. An expert can suggest plenty of treatment options for glaucoma. Regular eye check-ups and exams can help detect glaucoma fast to start immediate treatment.  Tests for glaucoma are usually painless and quite affordable. So, do not delay and ignore this condition.