Do Schools Need ‘Green’ Windows?

The green window concept is catching on fast and schools are no different. In this article we discuss whether having green windows in schools offers any benefits at all. UPVC windows are often equated with green windows and when we talk about green windows for school what we literally mean is UPVC school windows. With the advantages that these kinds of windows offer, having them in installed in a school premises can only have positive implications.

With the concept of green revolution becoming more and more popular in almost every aspect of our lives, schools are not far behind. Talking specifically from the point of view of the infrastructure and materials that go into the construction side of it, if we raise the question of whether schools need green windows, the answer would most definitely be, yes.

The question is not whether schools need green windows, but rather how soon they can get them. The benefits that green windows offer are extremely tangible and a school premises can definitely do with taking advantages of these.

When we say green windows, what we are essentially referring to is UPVC school windows. UPVC windows help in enhancing the environmental performance of a building and for this reason are categorized as green windows. They are designed for thermal performance and can insulate the building while keeping the energy costs low.

The concept of green windows is catching up even when it comes to kids room design and in saying so, the same thing coming into focus when it comes to schools is only natural.

UPVC windows are designed with insulating airspaces, which when combined with low conductivity, makes them very effective against thermal transfer. As a result, warm air stays inside during the winter and cool air stays inside during summer, thus reducing both the heating and the cooling costs and conserving power.

Considering the size of a school building and the amount of energy and power that is required to maintain a comfortable temperature for the children and the staff, the idea of installing green windows is particularly appealing. In addition to this, considering the UPVC windows are very durable and low maintenance makes them all the more an intelligent choice.

Of the many advantages that these windows offer they are also impervious to rot, rusting, and usual headaches such as corrosion, blistering and flaking. One big problem that almost all other kinds of windows face is the attack by termites and other insects. This too is taken care of with UPVC windows.

Environmental health and safety is a big focus when it comes to educational institutions. It’s a given that the school management would try and provide the safest and most befitting environment to the children and installing green windows in the premises is one positive step in this direction.

With correct installation and proper maintenance, these windows will deliver long and reliable service and energy savings. Both of these together are good enough for this product to categorized as an informed choice and a good one at that.