Natural is in!

          The whole world has come to realize the best aspects of using naturally available components and now many changes are being made although slowly throughout the whole world and people are trying to include the natural manures and composting methods to keep the farming and gardening clean and trying to avoid the use of chemicals and chemical based fertilizers as much as possible. Farmers at all levels are coming to learn and use organic manures and compost that is healthy and does not harm the environment. But the gardeners have to understand and attempt to produce good compost for garden so that the naturally available waste materials can be recycled and given back o the soil for soil fertility and let the soil organisms like the earth worms do the work for you.

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Safe for all!

  • The process of composting takes place starting with the arrangement of the composting pit and the material can be added into the composting bin that is available in the market and many brands sell them.
  • Initially the plant based waste has to be added into the container and it should be alternated with soil and some amount of water.
  • It is important that the animal wastes like kitchen waste should not be added.
  • Only kitchen waste that is plant based alone can be added. Plant waste or farm waste also can be added.
  • The temperature of the compost rises mid way in the process so turning the waste materials and adding some water can keep the temperature contained.
  • The composting bin brings out finished compost within a duration of two months or a little more.
  • It is always best to make good compost for garden personally in a natural way.