acoustic performance

Unique technology can be used to combine the professional skills by our staff

The high level of acoustic performance is expected when the synthetic batting is micro-perforated. Any type of graphics can be imprinted directly if the printer is material friendly. You can choose any shape or design of perforation directly on the chosen membrane. The production staff can combine professional skills by using unique technology. The later of the material can be installed directly if you combine the look of the amazing acoustic ceiling. The installation of the backlight is allowed by the membrane between a minimal space. If the membrane is highly durable then you can prefer to use the stretch ceiling. The size and shape of the perforation can be preserved through the design after the installation process.

stretch ceiling

Develop the three-dimensional effect:

The integration of the fibre optics can be combined together in order to provide a simple print. If you want to dedicate to an unforgettable atmosphere then you can try to discover the real nature. The illusion of the three-dimensional surface can be achieved through the stretch ceilings. The three-dimensional effect can be developed in different ways for many of the customers with the acoustic ceiling. The interior applications can make the applications extraordinarily inviting without any obligations. You can prefer the shape and size of your choice which is considered as one of the most beneficial aspects of installing the stretch ceilings. The ceilings are available in different shades so you can prefer to choose the shade of your choice.