Do-it-yourself grooming for dogs, tips and products

It is well known that, very often, dogs do not like bathing, as for them it represents a moment of “detachment” from the usual condition and renouncing familiar smells: in this context, do-it –yourself  Brickell dog grooming for dogs is the way best to solve most of the problems related to a disturbing moment for him and expensive for the master Brickell dog grooming.

In fact, most professional grooming services require some effort on both sides; if dogs do not like to let themselves be handled by unknown (or little known) human beings, it is also true that owners do not mind saving some money on some precautions they can take care of personally, sometimes with less waste of time and energy: here then is that grooming the dog at home is an excellent compromise for everyone.

Taking care of your dog’s hygiene is essential, especially if he lives with you or spends a lot of time indoors , perhaps commuting between rugs and sofas. Do-it-yourself grooming allows you to keep your four-legged friend clean and tidy without focusing everything in a single moment: some small daily gestures allow you to waste less time when taking a bath.

Daily gestures: a cuddle for him every day

To keep your dog’s health under control, there are some Brickell dog grooming that, done regularly, can save a lot of time. Here are some examples: brushing the dog at least once a week (or at least two, in the case of long-haired dogs) allows you to counteract the formation of knots, keep the hair in order and check that there are no parasites or residues of any kind. .

Another do-it-yourself gesture is ear control: with a cotton swab soaked in special products you gently clean the inside, preventing ear infections. It is important that this action is done very carefully and that at the end a dry and clean cloth is used for the inside.

The grooming in the house continues with the cleaning of the dog’s teeth with the help of a toothbrush and, when necessary, also with the cutting of the nails (when you hear the noise of the nails on the floor, the right time has come). Obviously, for all the problems that may arise, it is good to consult the veterinarian.