data media safes

Hide your important data using data media safes

Data media safes are specially designed for holding out all your electronic data needs. It acts as the best fireproof aid that protects your electronic media. Normally, fire safes are designed for storing and protecting your important paper documents. But, these data safes are one step ahead and it is used for protecting out your electronic media from the damages that to its internal structure remain cool when compared to the other safes.

What are the types of data that you can protect?

You can protect the computer media like the hard drive, CD, DVD, and USB drivers that act as the best protective aid. It suits as the perfect place for you to store the data safe as well as protected. Massive features that you can obtain using the data media safes are,

  • It acts as a best protective magnetic storage that protects your hard drives and drivers during your absence.
  • It is equipped up with the multi-layer inner box that is made up of with the special anti-thermal materials.
  • It is designed up with the double doors that are used for preventing the dust, water, steams, or the fire fighting.
  • It comes out with the key and the lock, even this lock comes out with the mechanical combinational locks with the electronic number pad.

In online you can find different sizes and branded media safes, based on your requirements and needs you can choose them. Fit in the place that you need and start gaining its benefits.