SVG animation

Try to export the complete projects if you need an active lite or Pro subscription.

You can test the SVGator if you choose the free plan according to your choice. The interactive export options can be used effectively if you need more projects. If you need an active lite or Pro subscription then you can try to export the complete projects. Creating an SVG animation is considered as the new project so you can upload the static SVG file every time. It is completely the choice of the users to edit and export the animation if you want to duplicate an existing animation. You can cancel the auto-renewal at any point of time if you are not interested to perform the animation.

Different types of animating techniques:

The users will get a chance to extend the timeline to create longer animations. There is more demand for SVG animation so you can prefer to go for a lite plan. It is possible to export advanced animators by using the different types of animating techniques.

The perspective effects can be used by the individuals to know about the skew animation. If you get started with the free trial as you can make the upgrades according to your needs.

Fixed number of new projects:

The files will be exported with the basic animators so you can test the SVGator with the free trial. The interactive export options are very much useful if you want to get started with the trail. You can create the projects every month if you try to know about the fixed number of new projects. If the current billing cycle has ended then it is completely your choice to cancel the renewal of your subscription. The existing animation can be duplicated if you are planning for a new project.