4 in 1 gas detector singapore

Safe and secure 4-gas detector

Effective gas detection is a very important safety concern in the shipping industry. Most of the dangerous incidents are happening offshore are all related to gas. Fatalities among seafarers are very high despite regulatory bodies which are attempting to prevent them.


Regulations are stating that every ship which applies shall carry the appropriate portable atmosphere for testing the instrument or instruments. These must be capable of measuring the concentration of flammable gases, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide.

There are 4 in 1 gas detector Singapore which is designed for monitoring this gas. They will represent the biggest threat to the crew members in the vessels at the port or in the sea.


Besides necessary for breathing, oxygen is also helpful in combustion. So, its presence is very important to monitor in the hazardous environments of the ship.

Flammable gases

LEL which is a lower explosive limit. This is a gas having the lowest concentration of vapor or gas which is capable of producing fire in the presence of ignition. Low concentrations of LEL are lean for the burn.

Hydrogen Sulphide

This is known as swamp gas or sewer gas which is highly inflammable and colorless. It is mostly produced by industrial processes and decaying organic matter which is having the characteristics of rotten eggs.

Carbon Monoxide

CO is mostly produced in the area where fossil fuel is burned and gets collected in poorly ventilated area. CO will displace the oxygen in the blood and will cause suffocation and consciousness.